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Our production process starts with the stringent ISO standard quality management system of selecting and storing of raw materials which are carefully weighed and mixed in one of our four Internal mixers according to strict procedures, milled and cooled in automated batch off lines. At this point the mixed compound goes into a quarantine period for maturation but more importantly until it is sampled and tested to ensure conformity and release for further processing.

Depending on the specific product - the compound is preformed in a Autoloader Barwell, or an extruder or a Crowe Diffenburger Pin Barrel extruder/pre-former (Swiss precision) to a specified blank shape and weight and released for moulding only after ensuring conformity once again and this is strictly controlled by our lab technicians and QA inspectors sometimes even to the annoyance of our production personnel.

The next process comprises of Moulding the pre-formed Blanks in Hydraulic Presses at a specific temperature and pressure for a definite period of time.

Depending again on the product, pre-injection moulded Nylon rims/centres treated with proprietary bonding agents are either added during the rubber moulding or moulded Rubber rings are inserted into Plastic Injection moulding machines where instead of Chemical bonding mechanical locking is designed to lock the rubber to the plastic rims. In some products steel ball or bush bearings are incorporated into the product to make the wheel complete.

Machinery are inanimate objects - How we use these matter a greatly deal      though!

- Annesley Osborne - our Chairman

The Wheel Works Private Limited, Lot No. 68, Block “A”, Export Processing Zone, Biyagama - Sri Lanka.

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We firmly believe that the tools and equipment used in our craft is the next most important thing after Human Resources and of course good management

As such we have invested in the best and endeavour to maintain these in prime condition


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