The Wheel Works Private Limited

To ensure customer demands are met we have equipped ourselves with the following important equipment amongst a lot of other ancillaries;

  1. 1.Instron Tensile Testing.

  2. 2.Geotech Rheometer.

  3. 3.Monsanto Viscometer.

  4. 4.Zwick resilience Tester.

  5. 5.Zwick Hardness testers.

  6. 6.Various Analytical Instruments, PH, SG  and Titration equipment.

  7. 7.Dynamometer and Circular Bed Obstacle tester.

  8. 8.Various Digital Measuring testers and Verniers, Micrometers etc.

  9. 9.Laboratory Presses.

  10. 10.Laboratory Mills

The Wheel Works Private Limited, Lot No. 68, Block “A”, Export Processing Zone, Biyagama - Sri Lanka.

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Give us the, load requirement, service conditions and we will give you the product your customer demands.............but give us a bit of  time to conduct the tests and trials so that the product passes the static and dynamic tests simulating the actual service conditions.

These will not only pass the test but they will also run very well  in actual service ...............

- Janaka our Technologist/Plant Manager

Our Technologists and laboratory get tough demands from our Customers.

They ask for qualities like high or low hardness, low rolling resistance, good resilience and elasticity. excellent tensile properties, antistatic or conductive properties, non staining non marking etc,etc,etc, etc and all this invariably at very competitive pricing.

This is a tough ask - but we do deliver given half a chance ........more often than not!

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