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The only way to deliver the new product the customer demands in double quick time is to have our own CAD/CAM facility with our own tool making shop.

We also cannot ignore the fact that we require trained and experienced Engineers, Toolmakers and machinists.

We have specialists whom we have recruited from the Universities, Technical colleges and personnel who have concluded successful apprenticeships who are inducted and orientated in -house.

Solidworks for Wheelworks

Rubber and plastic moulds demand absolute accuracy and most of the time require multi cavities.

It is essential that all cavities are identical to ensure the ultimate products too are dimensionally  consistent and accurate.

The only way to achieve this is by using the automation and  CAD-CAM

The Cad section draws the tools and moulds on computer work stations and arrive at 3D images and determine tools speeds and paths and the data are automatically transferred via DNC servers to the CNC machine tools which turn out accurate moulds and tools.

Give us as best as you could, what your customer needs and we will develop the sample/prototype and send this to you for approval very fast


  1. 1.Colchester CNC Lathes.

  2. 2.Sachman CNC Machining Centres

  3. 3.AVM Angalini CNC Machining Centre

  4. 4.Graziano CNC Engraving Centre.

  5. 5.Various Measuring Tools

  6. 6.Conventional Lathes.

  7. 7.Conventional Bridgeport Millers.

  8. 8.Various Grinders

  9. 9.Band saws.

  10. 10.Welding Equipment.

  11. 11.Tool Grinders

  12. 12.Radial Drills

                                Computer Numeric Control machine tools is the way to go if dimensional accuracy is needed with mould to mould consistency                                                 - Sujith CAD/CAM Engineer

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